What is a True Food?

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What is a True Food; What does it mean for your life’s work and can it take away your pain?

True health doesn’t happen over night, First of all we need to identify and understand what that means for each of us. This process is guided in the light of our core values i.e. what we hope to achieve!

Due Diligence

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Hi, this is Nicole,

I am here to speak with you as an ambassador of tree-to-bar chocolate from West Africa & Central America. I am a world citizen, a published scientist for endangered species conservation, and a Buddhist practitioner with Catholic roots. From 2010-2012, I dabbled in medical school and completed my 200 hr certification to become a yoga instructor in Portland, Oregon. In a nutshell you could call me… a Health & Chocolate Ambassador or

a Holistic Life Coach.

Yet, the title matters less to me than the soul essence and love that pours through my work. Presently, When it comes to health and healing I find myself returning to the specialty known as pain care relief via Nutrition, Psychology & Eastern Movement Practices (see my painbody/shadow work story – coming soon – for more details).

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.”  – Aristotle

Specifically, I am striving to merge the gap between the effective practices of Eastern and Western Medicine. To me alternative medicine is vague and at the heart of it there is no alternative, if what we search for is simply a medicine that works! Note: If you really think about it.. we are either healthy, imbalanced (not sick, but not vibrant) or ill in the thick of disease and illness.

There are many misconceptions on matters that relate to health e.g. natural medicine, foods, diet, exercise regimen, sustainability and ethical practices. I believe we need to get down to the core of what is truly essential about food for us.


Photo by Tina Smith at Alegio Chocolate Tours

The ultimate purpose of a true food serves so much more than fueling our body. Assimilating nutrients in order to transform it into bio-available energy < effectively > will thus translate into a vibrant, energetic, strong, growing and able being.

I think most of us can agree that what we are looking for is a sense of well-being and the truth behind real and honest food – is the reality behind that which serves our life values.

At the core of that, I believe we all intend to cultivate a greater awareness: one that intimately understands and cares for our mind, body, vital life force and spiritual journey on this earth.


I would like to invite you to join me in this experience, wherever you are, in life or location. I believe we hunger for love, appreciation and fulfillment through personal connection and deeper relating, just as much as we search for the truth, hard facts, knowledge, a.k.a. the physical meat of things.

(Email: truenaturebe@gmail.com, to join the community ~ I’ll be in touch right away!)

                 Go on, explore and savor the journey to a re-vitalized life:

                                “Awaken the Healer Within.” ~ Nicole L. Varga, Health & Chocolate Ambassador

  • These are matters of the heart that are as REAL and true as they come. Likewise, they are an essential and intricate part of the energetic body of wellness that I will be addressing throughout my blog posts. Additionally, I will be referring to evidence-based medicine with credible and scientific sources founded upon relevant time-tested experiences and studies.

Sources of Experience & Authentic Mastery: In particular, I have been following the work of Dr. Andrew Weil (on Integrative Medicine), Lila Rodriguez & Seane Corn (Yoga), Dr. Laurie Regan & Brandt Stickley L.Ac. of NCNM (Chinese Medicine), Dr. Laura Washington (Naturopathy), Adam Sewell & NMDR SmileManjushri.org (for Tai Chi/QiGong) and Dr. Alan Wallace & Anodea Judith, Ph.D. (on Spirituality, Energy and Emotional Balance)… last but not least for a pure source of amazing healing chocolate visit: Alegio Chocolate(West Africa), EndorfinFoods (South America), and BuenAventura (Costa Rica)










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